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Safety Tips for Covid-19: How Masks Can Save You?

Updated: Apr 23

Covid-19 has not stopped yet and a lot of people have already started going out without masks on their faces. Recently, many countries have started witnessing a spike in Covid-19 cases and it has come as a warning to other countries.

In this post, we will discuss how to stay away from Covid-19 infection. We have put down some safety protocols for covid-19 that you must follow in order to prevent yourself from catching the infection.

How to stay away from Covid-19

1. Wear a mask

  • Everyone should wear masks in public.

  • Even after wearing a mask, you should be standing at least 6 feet apart from a person or group of people who don’t live with you.

  • It is important to wash your mask after every use.

  • Use hand sanitizer before wearing the mask.

  • The mask should cover your nose and chin completely. It is the best tip if you want to know how to stay away from Covid-19.

  • Make sure your mask is comfortable in order to ensure hassle-free breathing.

2. Avoid crowds and public places

  • Always avoid poorly ventilated spaces as they put you at a higher risk of Covid-19.

  • Avoid indoor spaces that do not let fresh air pass through them.

  • If sitting in an office or indoors, let fresh air come inside by opening windows and doors. This is one of the best safety tips for Covid-19.

3. Wash your hands

  • You should wash your hands often with a hand-wash soap and water for at least 20 seconds especially after blowing your nose, coughing, sneezing, or after you have been in a public place.

  • Before preparing or eating your food.

  • After handling your mask, touching your pets, using the public restroom, etc.

  • In case water and soap are not available, use a hand sanitizer containing at least 60% of alcohol.

  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes, and mouth with unwashed hands.

4. Cover your cough

  • Cover your mouth with a mask, tissue, or hand while coughing or sneezing. Make sure you wash or sanitize your hands afterward. This is one of the best safety protocols for Covid-19.

5. Ensure hygiene

  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces daily. Few of those surfaces are tables, switches, remotes, handles, doorknobs, keyboards, toilets, and sinks.

  • If someone among you has tested positive for Covid-19, make sure you disinfect or sanitize your frequently touched surfaces twice a day.

6. Daily monitoring

  • You should be monitoring your health daily. You can watch for fever, cough, breathlessness, or other symptoms of Covid-19.

  • Check your body temperature often during the day if you come across any of the symptoms related to Covid-19.

If you want to know how to stay away from Covid-19 infection, make sure you read all the aforementioned safety tips for Covid-19. If you have been in a contact with a Covid-19 positive person, make sure you isolate yourself for at least a week. Monitor your body temperature in order to check if any of the symptoms develop in your body. For more such posts, watch this section of Armado Nano Schutz closely. Wear masks. Be safe!