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Know Everything About Masks: Usage, Disposal, & Reuse

The outbreak of Covid-19 or Coronavirus has left the entire world distorted. Although the vaccination drive has started in many parts of the world, one still needs to follow all the precautionary measures to avoid getting infected. Using a face mask is one of the most effective ways to avoid getting the Covid-19 infection. Many countries are witnessing the second wave of Covid-19, which is resulting in a surge in the use of face masks. However, what’s more important is the correct usage, disposal, and reuse of masks.

Primarily, there are three types of face masks i.e. cloth masks, surgical masks, and N95 masks. No matter which masks you use, it is important to know the proper usage and disposal of the face mask. The best face masks are surgical masks as they are cheaper than N95 respirator masks and come in a 3-layered design for better bacterial filtration efficiency. In this post, we will discuss the usage, disposal, and reuse of surgical face masks.

How to use surgical face masks?

Layered surgical masks are highly effective masks that can block air particle droplets that contain viruses. It is a loose-fitting face mask that blocks the small particles in the air from entering the nose and mouth. Three-ply masks are considered to be the most effective against the Covid-19 virus as they filter out pollutants, dust, and other harmful chemicals present in the air.

As the name suggests, the 3-ply masks come with three layers and a metal strip at the top that helps you to adjust your mask around the nose. These types of masks are highly recommended for people taking care of infected patients in hospitals, healthcare workers, and front-line workers.

How to reuse surgical masks?

If your surgical mask’s layers and shape are undamaged, keep it in a plastic bag for re-use carefully. Layered surgical masks can be re-used only for three days. In case your face mask is soiled, avoid re-using it.

How to dispose of the mask correctly?

A layered surgical mask should be removed using its string in order to ensure you do not touch the contaminated mask. The face mask should be removed chin upwards and folded into half like a roll. After this, the face masks should be wrapped in the newspaper and thrown in a polybag.

This was all you need to know about the usage, disposal, and reuse of surgical face masks. It is important to wear a face mask all the time in order to avoid catching the infection. Armado Nano Schutz produces 3-ply face masks that are manufactured in a human-less environment and then sterilised at a laboratory.

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